At Alchemy Markets the more your clients trade, the more in rebates you will earn as our partner.

Become an Introducing Broker

To be an introducing broker, all you need to do is refer your clients and partners to us using your unique referral link. We will provide them with the best possible trading environment, including institutional spreads, execution, and liquidity, including commission free trading¹ on our entire product range, 1000+ products across 10+ asset classes. Your clients can also benefit from free use of trading tools provided by Trading Central and FXBlue.

Benefits of the Alchemy Markets Introducing Broker Programme

How to Become An Introducing Broker

Become a partner with us in minutes and start referring clients.

Sign Up

Sign up for an Alchemy Markets trading account in just a few minutes.

Verify your ID

Verifying your identity has never been easier with Alchemy Markets’ automated KYC software.

Sign Up as an IB

Sign up in the portal, confirm your agreement terms - standard or custom - and sign the agreement.

IB Programme Features

Why Become an Introducing Broker with Alchemy Markets?

Deposit & Withdrawal Options

Your money, your way. At Alchemy Markets, traders can withdraw and deposit their funds with ease at their convenience using any of our available methods, including Bank Wire, Credit Card, Skrill, Neteller, and UnionPay. Take your pick and fund your account in no time.

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Why Choose Alchemy Markets?

Introducing Broker FAQs

At Alchemy Markets, we provide a referral link to our partners - the introducing brokers - who bring in new clients to trade using it. When your referred client onboards with us, we provide them with a trading platform and 24/5 expert support on your behalf, and your clients can enjoy the same access to our extensive selection of tools and resources as our regular traders. As the introducing broker, you will be able to access a detailed IB brokerage dashboard to see client trading volumes and account information, and client fees incurred in trading are split between you and Alchemy Markets. The exact split will differ based on the asset and amount traded, for example, the forex compensation plan will be slightly different to one based on equity trading.

As an Introducing Broker with Alchemy Markets, you will be able to benefit from spread rebates for the clients you refer. These are cash payments from a portion of the spread from your referred clients’ executed trades. The more your clients trade, the more you will be able to make, meaning you essentially make an IB commission fee. Returns for IB in forex may differ from equity IB accounts. You will also be able to earn directly from attracting other partners (sub-IBs) through your referral link and earn extra income from clients of your sub-IBs. These rebates are credited to your account in your chosen currency (USD, EUR, or GBP).

A Sub-Introducing Broker (Sub-IB) is a referral programme where our IB partners can attract new IB partners with their referral link. Sub-IBs can receive earnings when their referred clients trade with Alchemy Markets, and so can the original IB partner. An IB, in trading with their new account, will see the spreads split between their IB partner and the higher partner. This multiplies your returns, though naturally the share becomes progressively smaller with each layer.

IB programmes are generally used by financial advisors, financial educators, successful traders, and money managers. But any individual or company can become an Introducing Broker by making a broker introduction, as long as they have the appropriate KYC documents to create and verify their account with Alchemy Markets.

Your referred clients will be able to enjoy the full features and functions of our trading platforms as our regular clients when they trade through an IB’s referral. This means an introducing broker forex client will be able to benefit from superior technical indicators and tools, additional resources provided by Alchemy Markets through Trading Central and FXBlue, and access to over 1000 products across 10+ asset classes, including 125 Forex pairs. IB Forex trading clients, like those trading other asset classes (IB exists in the stock market and for other assets), can also seek assistance 24/5 with our expert support teams when they trade through an IB’s referral.

While both programmes have the end goal of acquiring new clients that will trade on the partner broker’s platform, they differ in degree of autonomy and function scope. As an Introducing Broker, you simply act as an intermediary in trading when you refer clients to your partner broker. A White Label is an agreement for you to market your own brand through your partner broker’s trading platform, and you will receive full back-office support and operational capabilities under your brand identity.

For more information on our White Label programme at Alchemy Markets, you can visit this page.


*All instruments offered by Alchemy Markets are traded in the form of derivatives as CFDs.

**Transfers by bank wire can take 2 to 3 business days to clear depending on when you initiate transfer, where fund is being transferred, and fund transfer method.

¹We offer commission-free trading on Forex, Indices, and Metals for Classic and Premier accounts only. For information on our charges on other account types and products including Crypto CFDs and Stock CFDs, you can visit our individual product pages and product sheets.