Alchemy Markets traders receive free access to TC tools and research! Make better investment decisions faster with expert analyses, advanced charting, and professional insights.

Make Smarter Decisions with TC Tools

At Alchemy Markets, you can trade over 1000 products across 10+ asset classes, including 125 Forex pairs, global Stocks, and over 60 unique Cryptocurrency pairs - one of the largest offerings in the industry and available for trading 24/7! Whether you are trading for yourself or running a business, Trading Central (TC) can help you tune out the noise in markets and focus on the data that is truly important to your portfolio. 

Market Buzz

Seek new trading opportunities faster and manage risk better with TC Market Buzz! The award-winning TC Market Buzz uses NLP to sift through articles from 100,000+ news and social feeds. Providing distilled insights and sentiment drivers from 600+ events for over 1000 Alchemy Markets products across our 10 asset classes. A plug-and-play solution fully integrated with MetaTrader available on the client portal.

Featured Ideas

TC Featured Ideas provides personalised trade ideas based on preferred instruments, strategies, and analysis methods, using technical and fundamental analysis. The acclaimed tool empowers traders with commentary and actionable guidance on price targets and events. Before trading, validate decisions with Multi-factor Trade Ideas, comparing technical events across chart patterns. Access Featured Ideas on desktop or mobile, to create, check and develop your ideas anywhere, anytime.

Economic Calendar

Keep up with macroeconomic research while tracking market moving events with Alchemy Market’s Economic Calendar! Monitor the performance of your preferred FX charts and indices by filtering economic events for 38 markets. Review historical price performance down to fifteen-minute movements after every NFP announcement for 5 years. Our calendar is available free in the client portal for Alchemy Markets traders. Simply sign up for an account to gain access.

Technical Views

Senior analysts and artificial intelligence power the insights TC Technical Views provides to users of Alchemy Markets, for over 1000 products. Technical features such as pivot points, support and resistance are clearly marked TC offers 24/5 global trading support, available in 32 languages. All our traders can gain access to this tool in our Alchemy Markets Client Portal. You can also download and install it on your MetaTrader for free.

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Trading Central FAQs

Different functions within Trading Central can be accessed differently. For example, the TC Analyst Views indicator on MetaTrader allows you to see trade ideas overlaid directly onto charts in your charting library including pivot lines and a blue stop line to spot trend reversals. Signals and featured ideas are provided in a dashboard, and Market Buzz is accessed on a dedicated page.

To begin using TC tools, simply open an Alchemy Markets account. Regardless of account type, you can download Featured Ideas and Technical Views and integrate them with MetaTrader. Market Buzz is available for integration on MT5 and in your client portal, the latter of which also houses the Economic Calendar. For more information regarding the use of TC tools in specific scenarios, you can jump on our live chat to speak to a team member.

The Trading Central Tool Featured Ideas offers trading signals to traders. By automatically scanning currency pairs for patterns and other technical factors, the dashboard shows a selection of top ideas. Ideas include data on the expected size of the move, and typically involve both a chart pattern and another technical factor supporting the trend. Pattern names are highlighted and include additional information on the pattern and how it has formed. Views are customisable to allow you to only see the most relevant ideas. Analysed signals show both the trade rationale and the expected move, with two target prices, the ambitious and conservative. This offers traders the maximum flexibility when choosing a price target for their take profit level.

Trading Central provides a set of Featured Ideas, using both technical and fundamental strategies to design actionable trades. These present the analysis of an international team of researchers, and are presented in a concise format, filtered for relevance. Ideas are presented in a page on the dashboard, which includes both algorithmically generated trade ideas and market views from experienced professionals. All our traders at Alchemy Markets can get free access to TC analysis regardless of account type. Simply sign up for a live account with us to get started.

Trading Central provides charts as standard with all featured trading ideas. When you click on a suggested trade, it will bring up a recent chart on the relevant timeframe, and show both the flagged pattern and any other relevant technical information. You then have the option of ‘watching’ the trade, ignoring it, or entering a trade (remember to keep a record in your trade journal). Additionally, you can find detailed live technical charts with an insight overlay by using the charting library. Trading Central’s Analyst Views indicator on MetaTrader presents actionable recommendations and detailed technical data overlaid on live charts, allowing you to visualise your trades with clear trend lines.

Absolutely. Forex traders can benefit from Trading Central tools in a variety of ways, including using TC’s powerful suite of technical analysis tools to identify new trading opportunities and make better investment decisions. Forex traders can also take advantage of TC’s Market Buzz, an AI-powered newswire that distils Forex market sentiment levels, news volume, and hot discussion points just for you.

Trading Central does not sell its services directly to investors but to brokers. Therefore, you will only have access to Trading Central through trading with a broker that has an ongoing partnership with TC, such as Alchemy Markets. When you open a live account and trade with us, you can gain free access to TC tools and research by integrating them into your MetaTrader platform.


*All instruments offered by Alchemy Markets are traded in the form of derivatives as CFDs.

¹We offer commission-free trading on Forex, Indices, and Metals for Classic and Premier accounts only. For information on our charges on other account types and products including Crypto CFDs and Stock CFDs, you can visit our individual product pages and product sheets.